Surrendering a Pet

What type of animal shelter is La Paz County Animal Control?

La Paz County Animal Control is a government municipal shelter and are required to accept domestic dogs and cats for surrender. LPCAC helps dogs and cats in need find loving homes each year, however when our Facility is at capacity, we have to refuse owner surrendered pets. If the owner lives in a jurisdiction that has their own Animal Control Agency, they must surrender their pet to that agency. We will not accept pets from other jurisdictions.
We understand that parting ways with an animal can be difficult and we are committed to work with you to ensure the best possible solution for you and your pet.

Making a surrender appointment

Call our office at 928-669-8774 to schedule an appointment to surrender your pet to La Paz County Animal Control. During this time, surrender appointments are limited due to limited space.

You can also send us an E-mail at to make an appointment to surrender your pet.

What to bring your appointment

  1. A driver’s license or government issued ID.
  2. Your pet’s veterinary records
  3. Your pet’s surrender fee is listed below.

Fee $20 each pet

Fee $20 each pet

Are Animals Euthanized at La Paz County Animal Control?

Yes, however, LPCAC does not euthanize any healthy treatable animals or any animal for space due to overcrowding. If an animal is truly a high risk to the safety of the public, unhealthy and LPCAC cannot find a way to save the animal, they may be humanely euthanized. LPCAC is committed to finding the best outcome for every animal before humane euthanasia is even considered.

Surrender and Rehoming a Pet

Surrendering a pet can be a difficult decision, there may be other alternatives available. Help us save more animals by taking responsibility for your pet. The best place and chances for a good life for your pet is in your home with you. We know that sometimes it is just not possible to keep a pet. But, before making the decision to surrender your pet, you may want to consider other rehoming options.

  • Give yourself time to re-home your pet. It may take several weeks to months to find it the best home.
  • Increase your pet’s adoptability by having it altered and groomed. Make sure your pet it up to date on vaccinations.
  • Social media can be a great place to share this information. Spread the word to increase your chances of finding the appropriate home for your pet. Contact your friends, family, and co-workers to assist you in finding a great home for your pet.
  • Never abandon your animal. La Paz County Animal Control will accept stray dog(s) found in La Paz County Jurisdiction. If you have found a stray dog(s) in La Paz County please contact us.